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Barbara McElroy
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July 15, 1960 Advertising Single 1
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Lynn McElvaine (Dawkins)
April 07, 1959 Secretary Specialist Married 3
I graduated and got married.  I don't recommend that.  After 6 1/2 yrs of mental and physical abuse I got divorced.  I met and married a great guy that I love dearly and July 9 will be 25 yrs.
I have 3 sons, Thomas 29 has 2 sons Hayden 6 and Christian 3 , Jason, (25, won Montgomery Idol in 2006) and Travis 21, married with a step daughter, custody of his wifes 6 yr old niece and a baby on the way.  
I lost parents when I was 25 & 28.  Great to see all the pictures.
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John M. McLain
October 08, 1958 Civil Engineer Married 2
After graduation from Lee, I attended Auburn and completed my degree in Civil Engineering in 1982. After finally landing a job in Mobile I then moved to Pensacola, FL in 1983 where I lived until 1998. During that time, I was married twice but everybody makes a mistake. 

I moved back to Montgomery in 1998 to be closer to my parents and also because of employment opprtunities. I got divorced from my second wife in 2001 and remarried in 2004 to Terri who I know is my soulmate for life. My kids are now 13 (Chase) and 11 (Brandie) and both live with their mother in Montgomery and attend Baldwin Magnet School. 

Terri and I decided we had to get closer to God's Country (Auburn) so we moved to Cusseta, AL just outside of Opelika in 2007. I currently work in Columbus, GA and Terri takes care of the home rule.
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Cheryl Megorden (Lemm)
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November 23, 1959 HR Director Married
Ummm....Graduated.  Married Steve Fischer (Class of 76)  Moved to Auburn.  Worked and put him thru College....(Still trying to get the permanent marker of my forehead that says "Stupid!")  Moved to Tenn.  Divorced in 82.  Moved back to Montgomery.  Hotel Business moved me to Callaway Gardens and then to Atlanta.  Quit Hotels, got into Management with one Restaurant and now we have 8.  Been with them for 17 years.

Met Frank at a Home Depot.  Dated 4 yrs.  Married 10yrs.  No Children....wish I had met him earlier in life.  We live in Bethlehem, Georgia.  (On the way to Athens!)

Sister, Carrie Day, still in Montgomery.  (Class of 80)  Her son, my nephew, is the light of my life... He's in the Honors' Program at UAB.  But never fear anyone....He was born in Auburn and is a die hard Auburn Fan!

If not in Atlanta or Montgomery, you can find me at our Condo in Gulf Shores-Sailboat Bay-Plash Island.

War Damn Eagle!
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Connie Mims (Edmondson)
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March 29, 1959 Single 2

I have 2 wonderful children. Matthew 28, an Auburn grad and Courtney 22.  I moved to  Jemison shortly after graduation.  I lived in Panama City for a couple of years but always came back home.  I have started riding a motorcycle again and love it. Love Alabama football - ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love watching baseball, Nascar, and professional football. I guess I'm just a sports nut!!! I should say just enjoy being a NUT!!!!!!! I'm enjoying life as it is!!!!!!!!

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Debbie Montgomery
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March 06, 1959 Ex. Asst 1
Well... here we are 32 years later. Wow, can't believe it's been that long.  So, where have I been all these years.  After graduation, I made the hardest decision, and that was to leave the comfort and security of living with my grandmother, to move to Jackson, MS, to live with my mother.  But here I am, still here.
Went to Miss. College once here, but I can assure you, my loyalty to the Crimson Tide never waivered. Roll Tide Roll!
I then went to work for Honeywell for about 10 years until they wanted to transfer me to New Orleans, which was not an option with a young daughter.  I then landed a job with a major power company, formally MS Power & Light, now known as Entergy Miss.  I've been here now 20+ years and I have the honor of working every major storm, hurricane, ice storm, etc.  I even had the opportunity to come to Montgomery during several storms to help out with the outages there.  Once upon a time, I couldn't wait to graduate, now, I can't wait to RETIRE!
I have 1 daughter and 2 1/2 dogs! Misty, my daughter, 26 and married, and Angel & Spooky, my dogs, and while my mom is recouperating from pneumonia I have her little dog, Lil'Bit.  My daughter had a full scholarship to Ole Miss in Music, but... decided to marry instead.  She has given me 2 precious grandbabies, Madyson 5 and Hunter 2 and Ms. Paylin Grace will make her debut in April.  I now know why God put me on this earth... to be Maw-Ma to these angels.
My family is still in Montgomery and Prattville.  I try and come home when I can.  Before my dad passed away, I came home all the time.  But after he was gone, it became harder and harder to come back.
Now Judi has come up with this awesome webpage and put together several get-togethers that are stirring up that longing to come back home.  It is so good to read about all of you and where we are today. Judi, thank you for all the hard work and time that you put into this!  Happy New Year to all!
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Martha Moser (Rich)
November 17, 1958 Applications Clerk Married 1

Hi everybody, this website is great. I am married and have one daughter Kayla who is a senior at Stanhope Elmore High School. We live in Miillbrook Alabama. My husband Ronnie is a Generator Technician and I work for Alfa Insurance Company. My husband and i have a small farm with horses, cow and goats.

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Mona Nummy
April 23, 1959 Committed Relationship 1
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Mark Nunnelly
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July 12, 1959 Consulting Engineer Married 2
Married to Lottie Ricker of Ft. Lauderdale.FL (met in college, Auburn, and were married March 27, 1982).
We have two sons, Matthew and Michael, both now at Auburn (senior and sophmore, respectively).
Began our own business (Nunnelly & Associates, Inc.) in 2000.
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Pam Patton
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Pam was in an automobile accident in either the 10th or 11th grade.  Please let me know if anyone has more information.
Judi Freeman Carden
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