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glenda johnson (jordan)
January 29, 1958 Married 4
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Jan Jones (Reid)
November 04, 1958 Official Court Reporter Married

Hey all, I am glad to see everyone here and on FB.  I have been working at the Montgomery County Courthouse for the past 23 years as a court reporter and plan to continue as long as I can hear and see and write well.  I remarried in 2007 to a wonderful Richard Reid who has two fantastic children who have been blessed with children.  So that makes me a much better does it get than that!  We have four grandbabies, three boys and one new baby girl.  We live on a farm in Deatsville.  We board horses (our passion) and love the country life.  We are blessed.  Life is good!

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Tamela Jones (Coval)
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March 17, 1959 SR Exec Online Technology 4
Bullet Format:

*Graduated Auburn University June 1981
*Relocated to DFW til '87; ATL to current
*Mom of 4 Keepers, ("Now" photo taken at Bellagio, Las Vegas at Daughter, Britni's wedding Aug 2007; Britni, Ian, Cam, Caroline.  Not pictured is Skipper, Figaro, Midnight, Jaxie and Sammy the newt)
*Career Exec
*Taxi driver since 1987 to baseball, soccer, cheerleading, dance, football, lacrosse, arial (yes, trapeze, spanish web and other Cirque-du-soliel type stuff...and occasionally a school function)
*Gold Medallion Frequent flier
*Cancer Survivor
*Book and movie nerd
*Political junkie: Rachel Maddow is my Hero
*Sucker for stray cats and pound hounds
*Where I'll be if ever missing; St. Simons Island
*Own more shoes than Ismelda Marcos
*Mom of 2 Auburn Grads
*Mom-in-law of a Navy Pilot
*Grand-dog, Max
*"Imus in the Morning" Fan
*Freaky about unclean kitchen sinks and unmade beds.
*Wish that my "Before" pic would somehow magically be eradicted.
*Gerard Butler is my biggest Crush, and I still love Donny Osmond.
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Tom Jones
September 11, 1958
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Donna Jordan (Cook)
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March 22, 1959 1
Deceased ~ April 12, 2000 ~ Breast Cancer

Donna was the first person I met in the second grade at Dalraida Elementary School. We were instant best friends! She was a little shy and very funny! She had a smile that would light up your day. We spent countless days (years) together laughing about everything. Her brother Chuck, would drive us places and never complain. Her mother had a "candy can" in the pantry that we would sneak into when we thought she wasn't looking. Her dad taught us how to make indian beaded bracelets. 

After high school, she stayed in Montgomery and attended AUM. She later worked at Gayfers, Max Federal Credit Union and Alfa. She was married to Kelly Cook. They had one son, Brian. She loved her family and they loved her! We all loved her! She was a true friend. We remained friends for 33 years until her passing. She was 40 years old. She accepted Jesus! When he called her home, she had the sweetest smile on her face, just like the first day I met her. It feels like yesterday since her passing.

Here's to you Donna! Thank you for being my friend! I miss you! I will always miss you!

Beth Eubank Adams 
Terry Jordan
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August 11, 1959 Work Single 1
I've stayed in Montg. Was married for 15 years and have been divorced 7 years.  I have a beautiful 22 yr old daughter, Rachel.  And my yellow lab is Harley.  I have worked for Thompson Tractor for 16 yrs.  I built a home off Redland Road and I LOVE the country!  I have a fountain boat that I stay on the lake all the time with.
It's cool checking out this site and seeing people I once knew.  I graduated a year behind but yall were my friends!  Hope to see ya soon!
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Sabrina Kelley
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August 05, 1959 Administrative Divorced 1

I have a son, Brian, and grandson, Tyson.  I have been employed with the State since graduating high school and am employed with the Dept. of Transportation.  What I love most about life is spending time with my family particularly my 2 year old grandson.

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Jimmy Killian
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(Deceased) October 8, 1959   August 10, 1996
This is a remembrance comment:

I did not know Jimmy in high school but knew him well from college at AUM.  He was somewhat private but had a great and spontaneous sense of humor.  He was fun, respected, and well liked.

I heard of his passing many years ago.   If I recall correctly, he had completed dental school and was practicing in Birmingham.  At 32, he died of a massive heart attack.   Nothing could ever explain such an event to us.  God's plan can sometimes break our hearts, but we know He is in control.  I'm sure we have all missed Jimmy.

~ Tony Peregoy

I only got to know Jimmy our senior year. He was smart , brainy but always laughed at my corny impressions . I do remember he almost didi'nt go on our after  graduation trip to Ft. Walton beach , but I and a few others talked him into it . The group I remember g down there with Jimmy was Ed Phillips , Doug Morse , David Hamilton , Blitz Welch and myself....I also remember Debra Klinner and Peggy Clark being there .
  I would run into Jimmy here and there thru the years . I remember  how utterly shocked and saddened I was the day I picked up the newspaper and saw his obit , was the day of the funeral - and I missed it.  I appreciate Tony's comments , and just for the record , I love all my classmates . - Barry Mask

I went to school with Jimmy from 1st through 12th grade. He lived two blocks from me and we had many fun days playing basketball in my driveway with Jimmy Reeves and Bill McGeehee. Jimmy was the smartest person I ever knew. He could ace a test without even cracking open the book. Bill and I last saw Jimmy at his mother's funeral a few years before Jimmy died. I think of Jimmy often and have such fond memories of our childhood days. We miss you Jimmy and I know we will meet again someday. Your friend.

Bubba Lee 
Mike Landry
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August 06, 1959 Government Ctr; retired military Married
OK, OK, I'm "FINALLY" joining the group.  After seeing all the posts, I can't help but reminisce.... The pics from the party are great.  Here's hoping I'll get to see some of you again soon (the last time, I think it was at the 20 yr reunion).  It's been too long! Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
Gary Ledbetter
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Profile picture
July 18, 1959 Magician, Balloon artist extraordinaire, World traveler Single Again 3

Hello everyone. Life has been fun and I hope it continues that way. What a cool shirt! Funnny thing is I may still have it.

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