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Starla Watterson (Weatherell)
November 22, 1959 Mom Married 4
Ralph and I will celebrate our 21 wedding anniversary this Halloween. Actually we will celebrate on Nov 1 because we have kids who love to trick or treat. I did not think about that 21 years ago, but its all fun. Checkout my posted pictures somewhere else on this site. Love to all,Starla Send Starla a MessageSend Starla a Message
Blitz Welch
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Profile picture
Property Management Married 3
After graduating from Lee I was able to cram a 4 year college degree into 17 years.
And then after several assorted affairs with different types of employment, I settled in the Property Management field and have been happy here for the past 15 years.
My once past time hobby was the Army National Guard Special Forces, which I spent 20 years with and enjoyed many outrageous adventures.  But alas I had to retire because of family and work.  It’s difficult to run a business while chasing bad guys in the mountains halfway around the world.

I was able to con a beautiful girl into marrying me and now my wife, Amanda, and I have been together for over 28 years.  We have three exceptional children, the first two are twins and are in college.  My son goes to Troy University(my almamater) and his sister attends THE University Of Alabama. Our baby is in the 9th grade.
Blitz Welch
Samuel Wilson
April 02, 1959 Physician Divorced 2
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Sherry Wine (Jeffers)
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June 28, 1959 Medical Transcriptionist Single Again 3
After graduation, I married Chuck Jeffers and we had three beautiful children.  Charles is 29 and married to Holly with two children, Angela is 27 with two children and works for the GMHBA and Jessica is 25 with one little boy and another baby girl due in May.   Jessica is almost through nursing school.  YEA!!  Chuck and I divorced back in 1995 and I was remarried to Reggie Acreman from Wetumpka, AL.  After several years of major drama, I'll just end it with saying the ending is extremely sad and he was in a tragic automobile accident in 2003.  He is now in a nursing home in Opelika and barring a miracle, will remain there for the rest of his life.  I still pray daily because God can change any physical circumstance in one second, and I know HE does!!! My social life still consists of the same few friends I had 33 years ago for the most part. LOL (Sharon M. Blackeby and Bill McGehee)It has been wonderful seeing alot of you lately and keeping in touch.  Keep up the good work Judi.

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Kim Winsett
October 31, 1958 Project Manager, computer software Single

After graduation from Lee, I attended Auburn University…War Eagle!!!  I graduated with a degree in Landscape and Ornamental Horticulture and worked in the field for a few years in Montgomery.  In 1984 I moved to Birmingham and got into the technology field.  I have been working as a Project Manager for software companies ever since. 


Since I do not have children, other than the four-legged kind, I have been lucky to travel a lot.  My love of children has kept me involved with various organizations as a volunteer.  I currently volunteer at a local women’s abuse shelter.  It is very hard to see the affects abuse has on the kids but rewarding to know that you can touch their lives and have a positive influence to hopefully stop the cycle of violence.


I have always been involved with the arts.  A recent hobby of stained glass has turned into a bit of a side business.  This keeps me busy during the winter months when there is less yard work to be done.


My family still lives in Montgomery so I make it back a few times a year.  My brother, Joel (supposed to have been class of ’79), and his kids also live in Montgomery.  He’s a grandpa four times now and me a great aunt.


Thank you to Judi and all those who have and continue to put so much time and effort into this site and reconnecting all of us!!

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Donna Kay Wright (Alexander)
October 25, 1958 Counselor Married 2
Hi All, 
It is so good to catch up and see how everyone is doing.  I am married to Jeff Alexander(going on 24 years), we live in Mobile and have a 20 y.o. daughter and a 17 y.o. son.  Jeff has been with ABI for 24 years and that is what brought us to Mobile.  I work at Christ United Methodist Church as Director of Member Care. I oversee several ministry areas but my heart belongs to Celebrate Recovery, helping people overcome addictions.   Can you believe it, me helping people with addictions.  The Lord truly works in mysterious ways.  Well that is all for now.  
Blessings, Donna
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Earlene WRIGHT
September 14, 1959 Disabled Single 1
Hello everyone!
After receiving an email from Judi, I browsed this website and read everybody's comments and look at all the pictures and I didn't recognize anybody.  But after reading Judi's reply (Thanks Judi), I have decided to participate.  

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