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Regina Pearson (Hoover)
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November 19, 1958 Realtor Married 1
I currently live in St. Marks, Florida, south of Tallahassee.  I have a 24 year old daughter from my first marriage.  I have been married to Kirby Hoover for 9 years.  Thank you Judi Freeman Carden for finding me!  Send Regina a MessageSend Regina a Message
Tony Peregoy
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May 15, 1959 IT Manager
Hi classmates, 

What a great surprise to find this website.  After reading and reminiscing, I added info and some pics.  Being the shutterbug, I'm rarely "in" the photos.  I used some pics from community theatre. 

I stay busy with the real job and travel a little bit, but I enjoy creating web sites, photography, boating, camping, and being "Dad." 

I have four sons, two already out of the house and one of those married, so it's never a dull moment.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the reunion.  Thank you Blitz and Judi for all you do!!!!

Best wishes to all,
Tony Peregoy
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Dewey Edwin (Ed) Phillips, Jr.
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Civil Engineer Married 2
I have been back in Montgomery since 1993, working for the Alabama Department of Transportation, now serving as Chief of the County Transportation Bureau and living in Pike Road.

Shortly after graduating from Auburn University, I moved to Pensacola, Florida to seek fame and fortune. I didn't find either but something of much more wife, Karen. I have been happily married since 1986. I then moved to Panama City, Florida, where I had my two children. A son Jacob, who is now a Freshman at Auburn, and a daughter, Blair, who is a Junior at Loveless Academic Magnet High School.
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Annie Pinkston
Department of Defense (Air Force) Single 1
After graduating from high school, I attended Alabama State University (ASU). I have been employed with DoD for 30 years, six years at Gunter AFB and four years at Maxwell AFB. I moved to Ohio 20 years ago and have been at Wright Patterson AFB since then. I received my Doctorate Degree in Public Administrarion and look forward to retiring and returning to the South.  My daughter, Christiina returned to Montgomery and attended ASU and married. I have one grandson, Tony, my pride and joy. Send Annie a MessageSend Annie a Message
Kathy Pittman (Abrams)
April 19, 1959 Jobsite Asst Married 4
I am happily married with 4 grown children and a 2 1/2 year old that we adore.  God brought this little fellow into our lives and has brighten our days.  We built on retirement home on the Lake and absolutely "Thank God" everyday for it.  We have a most awesome view and extra land so that I can have my veggie garden and flowers gardens.  We have 9 grandchildren with number 10 due May 31st.  Can you imagine Christmas at our house.  We love it!!  My husband and I both work for a large General Contractor out of Birmingham, he is a Superintendent and I am his jobsite asst.  Tallk about sleeping with the boss!!!  We have a dog named Maggie who thinks she is human.  She is another one of our spoiled children.  We love to fish, boat, garden and spend time with our family. Send Kathy a MessageSend Kathy a Message
Pat Rachkiss
February 19, 1959 High School ENglish Teacher Divorced 1
Hi everyone -
I haven't been back to Montgomery in forever, so it was nice to hear from Judi and have her refer me to this website.
I left for the Army right after high school, spent 3 years working on helicopters and running the orderly room, did a tour in Panama...made the mistake of getting married out of the Army in 1980, spent the next several years being a stay at home mom, we did a tour in Germany,  started college when the boy started kindergarten, finally finished after we moved to Clarksville, Tennessee.  Very shortly after I graduated, the husband decided he didn't want to be married (at least not to me!) anymore, so I started teaching at Northeast High School.  I've been there 16 years, have taught 9 through 12, but am currently torturing myself with 10th graders. Only 14 more years 'til retirement!
My son, Mike, is a forensic scientist/special agent with the TBI.  He has turned out to be an amazing man, much more than I could have hoped for. Two years ago, he was my sole caretaker after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.   I often wonder how my DNA contributed to such a person.
I also work at a local bookstore, and probably read too much for my own good.  In between I make jewelry and chase down my two Jack Russell terrier mixes.
My folks ended up in New Jersey, Lynn is in Mississippi, Sue is in Wisconsin and Scott is in Virginia.
There are several of ya'all listed on the site I'd love to hear from, so go on and email me.
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Sharon Rasmussen
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April 14, 1959 community volunteer Married

Life is good. Seriously. I hope that’s been generally true for all of you! After high school, I went to Auburn in graphic design, worked in New York City, moved to Knoxville, Tenn., married, completed a master's in journalism at the University of Tennessee, and have been in Wake Forest, N.C., for several years. I love keeping up with many of you via Facebook and enjoy life tremendously. What a gift it is!

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Terri Ratliff (Taylor)
June 16, 1959 teacher Married 5
Hey everyone,

I graduated from Samford (81) and began my teacher career back in Montgomery.  I married Michael Taylor in (86) and also got my Masters degree from AUM the same year.  We just celebrated our 25th anniversary this year.  We have served in a bi-vocational job with Mike as the minister of music and me as the pianist. I still keep in touch with Gene Davis from Choralee days. 
God had a sense of humor because I had 2 sets of twins.  My oldest (boy/girl) twins, Kristian and Sarah Kate just turned 21.  He is currently a junior at Samford and Sarah Kate has done some college work at Troy.  Our second set (girl/girl) of twins are Anna Beth and Amanda.  They are currently in the 11th grade.  The baby, Sydney, who tells me that I am her twin since she is a single, is in the 9th grade.  No grandchildren yet.  I have been teaching 28 years and looking forward to retirement some day--but hard to do when you still have to put 3 more through college.  It's great to hear from old friends. The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful family.
While at Samford, I was in the BSU choir directed by Keith Martin who graduated from Lee in 76.  He recently passed away from cancer--great guy!
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June 29, 1959 Revenue Examiner www.Revenue.Alabama.Gov Single Again
Finally made my first class reunion this year-the 35th year. I really enjoyed the laughs and renewing of some aquaintances. It's hard to believe that all this time has went by.  I graduated Alabama State University in 1981. I work in insurance then with the Federal government in Accounting and evetually with the State of Alabama (15 years). I got married in 1985 and divorced in 1989. After divorcing, I became more committed to ministerial duties as well as being a State employee. Thanks to Cynthia Underwood my boss and Judi Carden for connecting me to this great and worthwhile events. Thanks to all. Ken R. Send KENNETH a MessageSend KENNETH a Message
Donna Rutherford (Hendry)
October 11, 1900 Married 2
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