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Silas Alexander
March 13, 1959 Department of the Navy Single
Hello to everyone!
 After graduation from Lee, I joined the US Navy where I dedicated 20 plus years and retired in Jan 2003.  I currently reside in Callaway, MD where I work for the Department of the Navy in the acquisition contracting field.  
I am single, never married and have no kids.  During the holidays, I make visits to Montgomery to see family and friends.  The next time I am in town I would like to meet my classmates of 1977.
Have a great day and God Bless all!!
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terri allie (gulsby)
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August 24, 1959 Store Manager Married 1
Hi, everyone...I have just found out about this websight and was glad to see it and catch up on what some of ya'll have been up to. I have been married nearly 31 years now (in May) to Bob Gulsby (J.D. '76). We have one precious daughter named Jessica who is 12 years old. She attends Macon East Academy. I am the manager of Oaktree Foods in Eastbrook where I haved been working for 32 years now. I think about our high school years a lot and get my yearbooks out every now and then to remember all the good times we had when life was so much simpler. We had it made, didn't we? I hope everyone is doing well. Terri Send terri a MessageSend terri a Message
Delphine Austin (Bruce)
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April 18, 1959 Nurse Separated 3
Hello,  I sort of happened up on this site, and I am glad that I did.  I spent an hour just reading up on everyone.  Did not know a lot of people, but the class of 1977 was a large class.  I am currently working as a prison nurse, to say it is interesting is an understatement.  I have two grown sons, and my youngest son is soon to be a Jr. in high school.  We all have Lee in our blood, because they are all Lee alumni.  I missed the reunion, but Lydia Clifton had some pictures that she posted, I enjoyed looking at them and hated that I missed it.
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Frederick Avery
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July 16, 1959 Retired Married 2
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Paul Barnes
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December 08, 1959 Shipping and receiving Single
Greetings! Hope you are all doing well. I am fine. I joined the Navy a couple of years out of high school and retired a Chief Petty Officer in April of 2000. I am now working in the shipping and receving industry and enjoying life as much as I let myself. Glad to have found this site and to see all of you who have at one time or another crossed my mind. Hope to see some of you soon.   Send Paul a MessageSend Paul a Message
Teresa Bell ( Yow)
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April 04, 1959 Pre School Teacher Married 2
Hi ya'll! It was great finding this site.  Since leaving Montgomery to go to Troy, I have often wondered what happened to everyone.  I didn't stay at Troy long; in 1978 I married Jon Yow from that other school -JD.  He was an Airman stationed in Panama City, Fl.  Since then our life has been one adventure after anohter.  When he retired in 2003 I thought the relocating was over, we settled near Destin, in Niceville, Fl.  But no, in 2008 we moved yet again to Fleming Island, Fl. 
We have two fantastic daughters 21 and 11. 
I teach at a private school in Fleming Island, and if I say so myself I have the greatest job in the world.  A three  mile round trip commute and I am helping little ones get ready to begin their school careers. 
Don't get to Montgomery very often, although my parents still live in Hiighland Park.  When we are home I can't resist driving by Lee just to recall "back in the day".
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Belynda Benner (Wilson)
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October 11, 1959 Homemaker/CASA Volunteer Married 2
I found out about this website from Gary Ledbetter, someone with whom I have very fond and funny memories of.  I was a teachers helper for Mrs Wattersons english class and he and I sat by one another.  I enjoyed my senior year at Lee, but much of my attention was not about school but about my boyfriend, Ken who was stationed at Gunter during that time.  I realize now that I missed alot of opportunities to enjoy much of the high school activities, but I am happy to say that Ken and I married 5 days after graduation and will be celebrating 35 years of marriage in June!!!
We have 2 sons (Jack, 31 and Marc, 27) both boys are married and Jack has a son, Xander who turned 3 in January.
Our son, Marc joined the Air Force just as his dad and grandfather before him did and he loves it.  He has been to Iraq, Romainia, Poland, stationed in England, Texas and is currently packing for his new assignment in Georgia, making him only 7 hrs drive from us (Tennessee)

Just 2 weeks after marrying, we moved to Anchorage, AK (loved it!) and follow on bases were Colorado and then Michigan for 14 yrs, until Ken retired.  We moved to Tennessee and he works as an instrument technician out at Arnold AFB in Tullahoma.  We have now lived here for almost 18 yrs and love living close to our family.  My brother Mark and his family moved here 16 yrs ago.  Having been an air force brat, I never expected to have my family close, so this is a true gift.
I was a tax preparer for 8 years before deciding I wanted to do volunteer work again..I have been working for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for neglected and abused children.  My speciality is with sexual abused children and while the job can be sad, it has great rewards when you speak for and help a child find a loving and safe home.  Ken and just got a new 28' camper and started white water rafting last year and love it so much!!!  Life has been very very good to us and we feel truely blessed to have our family and tremendous friends to share our lives with.  Thank you, Judi for having such an exceptional website for us all to catch up on and share our memories and stories with!
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Karen Blackmon (Caldwell)
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March 27, 1959 Single Again 1

Karen Lee Blackmon


B.L.O.G. Just what the heck does that mean anyhow?


B. Blithering

L. Lee

O. Oldies

G. Googling each other?


No for real, I love you guys, and I’m so excited about the party! If you want to have some fun just revisit your annuals! Man, I can’t believe how open and honest we were when we signed each other’s book!  (Must have had something to do with all the PEACE AND LOVE of the 70’s!)


Well, I’m still a “HIPPIE AT HEART”, only now my contraband’s of choice are Hormones and Red Wine….




OK let’s see, K.B., K.B., K.B., … who are you now?

God is good, God is great!

And bless his heart, God has been “ berry berry “good to me. I’m blessed with…



-One stepdaughter, Laura Kate 25, she’s an environmental scientist and a vegetarian. But she still wears leather Ha!.. She calls me Other Mother and I love her as if she was mine, and will always!


- My little mini me, “Delanie Blue” is 13. The name “Delanie” came from the group Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett. They had the good fortune to land the gig as the opening act for Blind Faith’s US tour, (Blind Faith = Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker, and Rick Grech). Clapton described them as such Kool Katz, that after only one album, Blind Faith dissolved and Clapton joined the Bramletts’. Wow!   “Blue” came from the name “Bonnie Blue Butler” I figured if I couldn’t give her the land or the money at least I could give her the name! She’s so cool and beautiful and get this, her IQ is off the charts!  Go figure.


-          All my family members are still alive and kicking and we grow closer every day



-          I live on Lake Martin in a. …Teeny, tiny, little bitty, cabin (20x30) and couldn’t be happier!



-          The more POSSESSIONS you have the more they POSSESS you!


-          I tried really hard to become a big “SUPERSTAR”………… But ????????????  Who knows, a royalty check could be coming from Japan any day now!



-          Once in a lifetime, TALKING HEADS!




I love ya’ll man



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Kathleen Bossom (Thompson)
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October 26, 1959 Office Mgr./Accountant Single Again 5
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Tommy Brassell
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February 07, 1959 Construction Management Married 2
I have been married now for 30 years and live in Pike Road, AL.  I work for Sherlock, Smith & Adams, Architects/Engineers, where I have been for 13 years.  I worked at Blount 10 years prior to this.  My Dad always told me if I did not go to college I would have to work construction the rest of my life.  I went to college and I am still in construction.  Explain that one.  My wife, Denise, is a Teacher and Upper School Director at Eastwood Christian School in Montgomery.  We have two children, Jamie (25) is a Paramedic with the Montgomery Fire Department and Patrick (22) is at Auburn majoring in Landscape Horticulture.  My Dad turned 87 in June and is still active and my Mother, not far behind, has been hospitalized lately with Heart problems.  They have lived in the same house since 1964.  We are active members at Frazer Church.   I was elected to the Town Council in Pike Road, AL in October of 2008.

After graduation, I moved on with my life and put the high school days behind.  I avoided all reunions for 31 years until June 4, 2008, I ran into Judi at Hamburger King downtown after having not seen her for 30 years.  This is a place I have never been to at lunch and have not been back since. Nonetheless, Judi scolded me that day demanded my email and I have not been the same since.  I have enjoyed the email updates and learning where everyone is now in life.
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