Gone...but not forgotten

In loving memory of the classmates no longer with us:

Debbie Brown
Steve Brown
Mark Burt
Karla Collier
Chuck Dobbins
Kenneth Wayne Golson
Darrell Harris
Sue Harris Scoggins
Susan Hartley Bailey
Andy Hill
Donna Jordan Cook
Jimmy Killian
Robert Dale Milton
Pam Patton
Glen Smith
Dubert Stroud, III

I have given each of the above a page on the "Classmates" section.  I think it is very important that their story be told and am asking any of you who would like to participate to do so.  The username is their name as listed above (for example:  Andy Hill's username is andyhill), password for everyone is love.  I do not have a picture of Karla Collier or Pam Patton.  If anyone has a picture, please post it.

Also, I know I don't have to say this but please be respectful with what you write.

Thank you to Tony Peregoy for scanning and sending me the pictures.  And to those of you who do write for these great people who can't speak for themselves, thank you and 
God Bless You All !!!

Please let me know if I have not included someone